How to Select The Right Fabric in Fashion Designing?

The top fashion designing colleges in Mumbai offer the best courses for you and are a perfect place to kick-start your education with. This course has gained quite a popularity in recent times. From minutest details to handling complicated projects, they give you knowledge on each and every aspect of this profession. If you have completed your course from a reputed fashion designing institute in Mumbai, you should be aware of the technicalities of the different areas.


The crux of fashion designing is the right selection and application of the fabrics so that the clients remain happy and satisfied. Here is how you can select the right fabric while working in the field of fashion designing.


  • Choose a new project

Depending on what you have in your mind and what you wish to create, the fabric can be selected. Once the project is finalized, it narrows down the options for you. it improves your decision-making ability.


  • Fabrics Analysis

To select the best fabric, it is necessary that you properly research the quality and types of fabrics to gain knowledge about which dress requires what kind of fabric. You must visit the cloth stores personally and examine the fabrics before making a choice. Explore the market and know about the available fabrics to shortlist them. 


  • Look for the drape

The drape of a fabric or cloth refers to the way how it falls. The light fabrics possess a sheer like a fall while the heavy fabrics have a straight fall. The kind of drape that fabric should possess also depends on the body type for which the dress has to be designed. 


Based on your knowledge and experience, you should be able to determine and imagine the kind of drape that will look good after the completion of the garment.


  • Width of the fabric

The width of the fabric is quite easy to determine. If you know about the measurements of the garment, you just need to find a fabric of the same width and purchase it. It is necessary to get the right measurements for the designer to design the correct garment.


  • Colour of the fabric

To know about the exact colour of the fabric, it is always advised to do so in natural light. The lighting makes a great difference to the colour of the garment and its brightness as well.


Think about the colour of the fabric against the skin type and looks of the person for whom it is being made. Select what appears appealing and better to you according to your experience.


  • Stretch of the fabric

Every fabric has a different wavelength for the stretch. The margin of this stretch can be felt by placing the fabric between two fingers and giving it a pull so that tension is created. This is important from the point of view of a designer because stretch plays a great role while cutting or sewing.


  • Finalize the things

Try to think and visualize the final look of the fabric against the skin and body type for whom it is being prepared. Do keep in mind that the light silks material is not much forgiving on the figure as compared to the heavier fabrics. You should be more alert while selecting the fabric and try to opt for light and delicate materials. 


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