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Easy Pay Plan

Concerned about your career in Design, we want to assure you that we understand and care about your education, and economic stability, while the future of Covid-19 Pandemic remains uncertain. We at Raffles would like to fulfil your dream of a world class design education with Raffles Design International. So, we have introduced a new Easy Pay Plan for our aspiring students.

We have offered the following plans:

  • Low initial payment
  • Low-Monthly Instalment Plan

These important changes to the admissions procedures have been introduced to reassure new students considering their future, economic stability in the Enrolment process.

With this Easy Pay Plan in place, we would like every student to achieve Success by Design.

Live Interactive Classes Online.

The new directives from the Ministry of Home Affairs does not allow face to face teaching. We realise you want to complete your studies on time and so we will continue with Live Interactive classes online for the October Term.

Our academic team have been working diligently through the term break to move their courses online. We are doing our best to provide a high-quality Home-based learning experience. Let us work together to ensure your #SuccessByDesign.

Congratulations to all our current students for successfully completing studies online for the April & July term! & welcome to the October Term.

Please do not worry if you still feel overwhelmed by Home-based Learning. No student will be left behind. If you need help, our counsellors will assist you.

Enjoy your studies, work hard, and stay healthy and safe.


What is Covid-19?

COVID-19 can be transmitted through Airborne, human contact, contaminated objects, and wild animal contact.

The symptoms are fevers, cough, sneeze, shortness of breath.

  • View more information about Covid-19 at here.
  • View the latest information about Covid-19 in India here
How can I prevent Covid-19?
  • Always wash your hand
  • Stay Home, Stay Safe
  • Wear a mask when you go out
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hand
Who should I contact if I have symptoms of Covid-19?
  • SAS department
What will be Raffles Design International’s Standard Operating Procedure. if someone has symptoms of Covid-19?

Raffles Design International campus at Mumbai will be closed till further notice from Ministry of Home Affairs and will continue to operate virtually during this period.

Will I have to defer my term?

We are taking all steps to assist our students, to complete this term successfully. You will be required to complete the term through online classroom, presentations, and examinations until further notice.

Does Raffles Design International provide any financial assistance for my studies?

Raffles Design International offers Scholarships, concessions, and Easy Pay Plan to all our prospective students. Please contact us for more information.

What do you mean by Virtual Learning?

During virtual operation, staff and students will operate from home and communicate using Raffles Design International’s digital platforms.

Can I enrol to Raffles Design International during this current period?

Yes! We are accepting enrolment for 2020/2021 Term. Contact us now at +91-9820822237/ here for more information.

How can I get further details regarding the programme of Raffles Design International?

Our Admission team is available for any queries about the programmes at Raffles Design International from 9am – 6pm during Monday - Saturday.

Will 2020/2021 Term be deferred?

There is no change to the starting date for the October term.

Students Administration and Services Department (SAS)


Prospective Students

+91-9820822237/ here