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Q1. What programmes can I study at the Raffles Mumbai Campus?
We currently offer a 3 years B.A. (Hons.) Degree, a 2 Years Advanced Diploma, and a 6 months Diploma programme in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing & Management, Visual Communication Design, Interior Design, Digital Media Design and Product Design.
Q2. I'm interested in studying at Raffles Mumbai, what do I do next?
You can start by filling out the application form by going to the ‘Apply Now’ section. For more information feel free to leave us a message or contact us on the following no - Tel: +91 9820822237
Q3. Where can I find the application form?
You can find the online application form by going to the “Apply Now” section or reach out to us through our contact details and request it on Email from our admissions team.
Q4. When does the academic year begin?
We have 4 intakes in a year starting in January, April, July and October.
Q5. Do you have an entrance exam?
At Raffles, we emphasize on the student’s passion to work in the industry, and their creativity. Therefore, we don’t have an entrance exam, rather we hold an interview and portfolio review exam. The process takes place approximately a couple of weeks after the application is received.
Q6. When is the portfolio review and interview? What work should my portfolio contain?
The portfolio review and interview help us assess your talent, interests, prior training, motivation and self-discipline. A portfolio would typically include around 5-8 examples of your best and most recent creative work.
Q7. Does Raffles Mumbai provide hostel facilities?
Raffles Mumbai does not provide hostel facilities at present. We have our agents/brokers who have been working with us since a long time and help our students to find places as per their requirements.
Q8. Where can I find more information about Raffles Mumbai?
You can find out more about us by emailing, calling or visiting us.
Call us on +Tel: (022) 62751700
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Q9. What are my employment prospects after completion of the undergraduate degree course?
There is a broad spectrum of exciting career opportunities available with a UK degree/qualification, with many design openings in the private sector. Many Indian government agencies outsource their work to private design firms/studios, wherein students are frequently hired based on their portfolio and competence in handling design applications. International university graduates are also eligible to apply for faculty positions in private institutions and colleges in India and are often invited as qualified professionals to be guest speakers in Indian government colleges, where they can share their expertise and enhance the students' exposure to an ever-changing industry. The degrees are not currently recognised by the public sector/civil services (including the state and central government) in India. Raffles prepares the students with professional development skills and provides resources in support of their careers. The CPD Department (Centre of Professional Development) provides a seamless interface between industries and the students.
Q10. Where can the students apply for further studies?
Raffles Design International India Pvt Ltd, provides training pathways for undergraduate courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Digital Media Design, Fashion Marketing & Management. Students can opt for a two-year training programme studying for an Advanced Diploma, awarded by Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore (“RCHE”), followed by studying a one year undergraduate degree top-up awarded by University of Coventry, UK, RCHE and University of Coventry are responsible to their students for the quality and standards of the academic provision, and the relevant Quality Frameworks incorporate all the main features of quality and standards management for study at levels 4, 5 and 6 . Students with these International qualifications are eligible to progress to international or private universities both in India and indeed across the world, but may be ineligible to transfer to a university which is deemed to be a university or institution recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC)/All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), as RDI is not registered with either the UGC or the AICTE . We have an international workforce, which brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our courses. At our facilities, students will not only be able to gain exposure to international creative and business environments, they will also gain hands-on practical experience including placement opportunities in industry.