Raffles Student Corner

Getting the next generation of designers oriented with the environment.

Raffles Student Corner

Getting the next generation of designers oriented with the environment.

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Success by Design!

Raffles Design International, Mumbai, was established in the year 2004. It has ever since been one of the best private design institutes till date. It is conveniently located at Marol in Andheri East, Mumbai. Raffles offer courses in Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Fashion Marketing & Management in India. Raffles Design International, one of the leading design colleges in India, aims to produce talented and skilled graduates who will shape the future of design and business-related disciplines. Raffles Design International is proud to contribute to more than 400 award-winning designers over the last 20 years. Raffles Design International strives hard to step up and stay ahead of the game, maintaining its status as one of the top designing colleges in Mumbai. The institute upgrades to the latest in technology and includes the requirements in the industries that should be learnt. Raffles Design International maintains the quality standards along with the global understanding of the subject matter at hand. The students further their studies to any of the branches and schools or universities which have an articulation agreement with Raffles Design International at any moment. The entire school network follows the same academic calendar, ensuring no study time is lost when transferring and all prior subjects successfully completed will be recognized. The medium of instruction is English and the curriculum is truly international. As part of their design training, the students perform internships during their course and gain opportunities at respectable companies to get a taste of the professionalism and design arrays. The graduates from Raffles Design International’s institutes will be able to develop a substantial work portfolio for themselves that will help them in building their dream careers.

ServicesStudent Services

Raffles Design International has four intakes in a year. This allows students to commence their training throughout the year at a time convenient to them.

INTAKES Intake 1 Intake 2 Intake 3 Intake 4
QUARTERS January April July October

The academic year consists of four intakes (eleven weeks each) in duration. Week 11 of each intake is for examinations followed by two weeks of break.

Payments of course fees must be made prior to course commencement. Please refer to Letter of Acceptance for instalment due dates.

Week 1 New Intake commences
Week 2 Register for retake modules
Week 3 Collect ID card from Student Services. Lockers will be issued by Administration
Week 4
Week 5 Complete Evaluation of Training Faculty
Week 6 Collect previous term’s Transcript and Invoice from Student Services.
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9 Release of Examination Schedule
Week 10
Week 11 Final examination and presentation  / Release schedule for next term / Internal Moderation Meeting.
Week 12 Term Break – Holiday Week
Week 13 Term Break – Holiday Week


Raffles Design International maintains a very strict standard of performance and attendance for its courses. Students are expected to attend all classes. A class for which a student is registered is an appointment that takes precedence over all other engagements. Non-attendance or absences in 25% or more of the classes for a subject may result in a grade of ‘F’ at the end of the term.

Absence due to illness:

Raffles Design International shall only accept medical certificates issued by registered medical doctors as valid justification for absenteeism. Any other justification and documents may be considered on a case-to-case basis.

If a student suffers from a major contagious disease during that time e.g. chicken pox, measles etc. A Medical Certificate (MC) must be produced certifying the above.


Students are expected to arrive for their classes on time. However if a student arrives within fifteen minutes of start of class, the student will be marked ‘1/2 day absent’. Thereafter the student will be marked a ‘full absent’.

Students Notice Board

Students should regularly read and check the Student’s Notice Boards (all around the campus) regularly for updates on changes in policy and class schedules. Raffles Design International will not bear any responsibility for student’s failure to comply with this clause.

Student Identification Card (Student ID)

The ‘Student Identity Card’ will be issued in the third week of the new intake. Students must carry the ID card at all times whilst on the premises and produce it on request. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a student being excluded from classes or any part of the premises of Raffles Design International . To avoid delay in receiving the Student ID card promptly, three passport-sized photographs (non-returnable) must be submitted to the Student Services Department. Student ID must be returned when a student completes or discontinues his/her study in Raffles Design International.

It is very important for Raffles to be informed of any changes in the students’ personal particulars.

Raffles will not be responsible if any messages or correspondence are not received by the students promptly because of the outdated mailing address or contact ways.

All information declared by the student is strictly confidential and will be used solely for official purposes.


A student may be terminated from any module by Raffles Design International for any of the following reasons:

  • Poor academic performance
  • Continuous default of fee payments
  • Prolonged absenteeism
  • Criminal offences including drug abuse
  • Cheating, dishonest behaviour
  • Any conduct which is deemed to be unacceptable in Raffles Design International , including vandalism, assault, harassment or disrespectful behaviour to staff or fellow students.
  • Students who fail the same modules three times are deemed to be de-registered.

A student who is terminated will not be entitled to any refund of tuition fees.

Fee Payment

The payment schedule of the course fee is outlined in the ‘Application for Admission’ form, ‘Letter of Acceptance and Fee Payment Schedule’ and ‘Tax Invoices’.

For all Programs

First Payment: Upon Admission (non-refundable and non-transferrable)

Installments: To be made in the beginning of each term of the course

Students should refer to the ‘Letter of Acceptance and Fee Payment Schedule’ and Tax invoices for the breakdown of the tuition fees.

It is the student’s responsibility to collect the invoices and the transcripts from Student Services Department. Failure to pay on time will incur a late payment charge of Rs. 250 + G. S.T. per day late."

How to contact us

Students are welcome to contact the Student Services Department during office hours mentioned above.

Contact Details: 9930225899

Email: studentservices@raffles-design-institute.com

SR.NO List of Holidays DATE DAY
1 New Year Day 1st January 2021 Friday
2 Republic Day 26th January 2021 Tuesday
3 Holi 29th March 2021 Monday
4 Good Friday 2ndth April 2021 Friday
5 Gudi Padwa 13th April 2021 Tuesday
6 Maharashtra Day 1st May 2021 Saturday
7 Ramazan Id (Id-Ul-Fitar) 13th May 2021 Thursday
8 Bakri Id (Id-Ul-Juha) 20th July 2021 Tuesday
9 Independence Day 15th August 2021 Sunday
10 Ganesh Chhaturthi 10th September 2021 Friday
11 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 02nd October 2021 Saturday
12 Dusshera* 15th October 2021 Friday
13 Diwali 4th November 2021 Thursday
14 Diwali 5th November 2021 Friday
15 Christmas 25th December 2021 Saturday

*The following Monday will be a public holiday.


9:00am to 6:00pm


9:00am to 1:00pm

CoursesDegree Courses

The following Degree courses are available at Raffles Design International, first international design college in Mumbai India:

Minimum 18 years old and have completed 12th Grade / A levels - Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). A portfolio is necessary.

English Language Proficiency

Have you got?

  • TOEFL - minimum 550* (paper based) or 213*(computer based);
  • IELTS - minimum 6.0*;
  • GCE 'O' Level English - minimum C6;
  • High School English Pass grade (minimum) in an English medium school.

* Test result achieved not more than 2 years ago.

If YES, you are exempted from the English program at Raffles Design Institute. Please provide evidence / proof of your achievements to the Admissions Department. If NO, you must take an English Placement test with us. The only other way to achieve an exemption is to score 85% or above on our placement test, and satisfy our spoken and written English requirements.


Staying outstation has always been a difficult and tiring process for the students. Being an international institute, Raffles Design International is aware of the number of students that come from different countries and states to join the courses. Keeping all these factors in mind, the admissions department will help you locate the right accommodation to suit your needs for a perfect stay.


Once a Mumbaikar, always a Mumbaikar! Mumbai is not just a city, it’s an attitude. It’s a lifestyle which seeps inside you and becomes your distinction for all your life. Days in Mumbai is all about constant dreaming and a huge horizon of opportunities. The city, also regarded as the city of hope, will prepare you for all the struggles in your life and teach you to face them with a conqueror’s smile. This city can at first seem a bit unrelenting, and even cruel to a non-Mumbaikar, but it will make you fall in love with it when you endure the challenges to achieve your goal.

Students coming from outstation cities to study in Mumbai will get to experience a city life you will not find anywhere else in the world. Although living here is not difficult, it is always better to be prepared for the mindboggling pace of life.


The climate of Mumbai is temperate with the warm summer and cool winters. In May, the hottest of the warm summer months, temperatures hover between 27° Celsius (81°F) and 34° Celsius (92° F). Mumbai has a tropical atmosphere, particularly a tropical wet and dry atmosphere under the Köppen atmosphere arrangement, with seven months of dryness and pinnacle of downpours in July. The cooler season from December to February is trailed by the mid-year season from March to June. The period from June to about the finish of September comprises the south-west storm season, and October and November shape the post-rainstorm season.

Pre-storm showers are witnessed during the duration of May. Once in a while, north-east rainstorm showers occur during October and November. The summer heat gives way to the monsoon when the southwest monsoon winds unleash their laden fury on the city. The average rainfall is 217 cm. The winter months from November to February are balmy and cool with day temperatures averaging a comfortable 19° Celsius (67° F).



Three wheelers are available only in the suburbs; they are metered, with a farecard.


The best travel options are Regular Taxis. They are black and yellow and have a meter - but remember, you pay the rate as per the Fare card. AC Taxis, or ‘Cool Cabs’, are distinguished by their blue colour. You can even chose to ride app based services like Ola and Uber.


Single and Double-decker buses are an inexpensive mode of transport. They tend to get overcrowded at peak hours.


The Western Railway line plies from Churchgate and the Central and Harbour line plies from Victoria Terminus (now CST). Tickets are available at the railway booking counters. Trains are non A/C, have Ist and IInd classes and a separate compartment for ladies..


The Indian Rupee, which is equivalent to 100 paise. Approx. value: US $ 1 = Approx. INR 64 Brit. £ 1 = Approx. INR 82.