5 myths you need to know about Disruptive design

Many terms come and go but a few of those become much popular. Disruptive design is in the same situation. Numerous myths surround this term because of ignorance and false assumptions. People who know nothing about designing begin to think that disruptive design is harmful or dangerous for the society. On the other hand, it is an innovative practice that elevates the society and makes it better.

Various disruptions have already taken place in the globe. Examples of these disruptions are the introduction of Email, invention of personal computers and streaming of content online. They make the lives easier through innovative methods. Disruptive design falls in this category as well. The following are the five most popular myths surrounding this term, you will find out whether they are true or not:

It is too much difficult:
Creating a disruptive design will require a good amount of hard work. You cannot create a market transforming innovation without putting some extra hours. It is difficult but it is not impossible. We can say that this myth is true or we can say it is not a myth but a fact.

It is random:
No, it is not the characteristic of disruptive designing. Designing requires the right employment of creativity and expression in order to produce captivating products. The design could be pertaining to a website. Alternatively, it could be related to product designing of larger scale such as automobile or architecture. There is no possibility of it being random.

Only talented people can do it:
Anyone with sufficient training and hard work can master this skill. You only need to learn the technicalities and fundamentals of designing. Apart from that, you need to develop an innovative outlook, which is quite easy, as you will be working with art. If one regards hard work as talent then yes, one would require to be extremely talented. All industrial disruptors are hard workers with sheer dedication.

It has no applications:
Another wrong notion regarding disruptive design is that it has no applications. As stated earlier, it is necessary in almost every industry,

It is harmful for the society:
Innovation in the right direction can never be harmful. Take for example, the introduction of Emails. It has made the correspondence process simpler and faster than ever before. For the postal service, it was the worst thing that could ever happen but for everyone else, it was amazing.

What to do next:
You can become a ‘disruptive designer’ as well. By taking digital media degree courses or simple digital media design courses, you can overcome all kinds of doubts in this regard. After gaining all the necessary knowledge in this field, you can focus on creating disruptive designs and change the respective industry completely. There are endless possibilities in this field so you do not need to stress about the future or job prospects as well. With adequate knowledge of designing, you will become a highly demanded professional.