Our Team

At Raffles Design International, the knowledge imparted to the students by the faculty members meet international standards of education, ensuring that each individual who signs up for any of the courses offered by the Institute grasps the subject matter in the best manner, whether it be in the form of theoretical or practical application. Therefore, Raffles Design International ensures that each faculty member who signs up to be a part of the Institute brings their own experience to the classroom, bringing new perspectives to the world of design.


Dominik Raskin

Program Director

Department : Interior Design & Product Design
Academic Qualification : Master of Architecture from Sint- Lucas, Brussels.
Certificate in Painting from Sint- Lucas, Brussels
Professional Experience : Dominik Raskin (Belgium, 1980) graduated as an architect in 2003 and has since worked on various architectural, interior and product designs. He has been lecturing lecturing since 2009 in Asia. Dominik focuses on concept thinking, 3D modeling, usability and novel design approaches. His work has been published in multiple publications over the years.
Nationality : Belgian