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Raffles Mumbai’s Interior Design Lecturer’s Creation Features In International Magazines

Belgium-born and mumbai-based designer, architect and lecturer at Raffles Design International, Mr. Dominik Raskin has been working with 3D modeling and 3D printing for quite some time now.  His work brings into the tangible world objects that have a computer origin and shape. To create the ‘stone rug’, he referenced low poly art style, a method pretty popular around the web that was originally a 3D modeling technique that achieved fast render speed thanks to its polygonal resolution.

The ‘stone rug’ is made of a stone veneer which is a combination of a very thin stone layer with a fiberglass backing. This mixture makes for a strong and durable material, while maintaining the natural surface properties of a soft stone. For the rug, the veneer is laser cut and later on pasted into a cotton textile. The result is a surprising effect of geometric rock deformations with a natural topography created by the textile when folded.

The design has been featured in international magazines such as:

  • My Home – Taiwan
  • Interior – Russia

And also on the website:

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