Disruptive technologies shaking up the fashion industry

A disruptive technology would signify anything which shakes up the entire industry. An introduction, which changes how the industry works, could be of any form. It could be the arrival of a new product or it could be a new form of manufacturing. In the fashion industry, the arrival is of technological innovations.

There are plenty of new things taking up in the technological space of the fashion industry. That is why an aspiring fashion designer should choose a fashion designing institute only if it provides knowledge regarding this technology. Otherwise, all the effort would go in vain. The following are some of the disruptive technologies in the current fashion industry:

Better tools for visualization

If you can picture the dress in 3D, you don’t need to create a physical copy for proper inspection. It is certainly a big factor in the current fashion industry as it has improved the productivity of the designers. They can now develop new designs at a faster pace and get results quickly. Having such ability puts any fashion corporation at a great advantage because it can meet the standards of the current market easily.

You can create designs digitally with far higher precision and perfection. As a designer, you get to experiment with different dresses more freely through such software too. Use of software in fashion design has added another skill for future designers to learn. Every industry changes and this is one of them.

Marketing for E-commerce

E-commerce is one of the most prominent disruptive technologies. Moreover, its impact is present in nearly every industry and fashion is one of them. In fact, the number of clothing E-commerce stores is increasing at a rapid pace too. People like to buy their clothes online as they do not have to undergo much hassle of buying there.

Fashion designers have to create visually compelling clothes as a result of this technology. The consumers select a cloth in a fraction of seconds and that is why the dress should be attractive enough to catch the consumer’s attention. Moreover, E-commerce has increased the pace of design generation. Designers have to release their products faster because the market changes very swiftly. You would not want to miss a golden opportunity in this cut-throat competition.

Social media’s influence

There is a deep relationship between social media and the fashion industry. People share the designs they like and discard the ones they do not. It helps the designers find out which designs appeal the consumers the most and which fail in this regard. Moreover, it has also changed the marketing strategies for the fashion industry as their content can now reach anyone anywhere.


With the arrival of such innovations, the industry has become healthier and optimistic. Designers can work faster by using new tools. Similarly, they can gather more data regarding the preferences of their customers through the new data producing solutions. They can create new designs according to the demands of the market quickly and remain adaptive.