Experiential design – The art of creating real-life interactive designs

Designing is one of the unique occupations of the current time. A professional of this field is always in demand if he or she keeps increasing his or her knowledge. Organizations look for highly skilled designers because finding a good one is a difficult task. The demand for product designers is rising at a rapid pace too and the real reason behind it is the increasing importance of experiential design. Before you begin wondering about this fantastic branch of designing, you should know a few things about designing itself:

Designing has evolved:
There were times when designing was much restricted. It only focused on enhancing the looks of a product or making the product more practical. Whether it was related to interior design or product design, it only had one function and that was to make the product or interior look better. However, in the current scenario, the situation is completely different. Designing is now focusing on other factors too such as user interface and user experience. It has begun using a variety of advanced tools, which enable the user to reduce the overall time and effort in the process of designing.

What is ‘experiential design’?
Experiential design is the branch of designing which creates an environment for the user in order to provide an immersive experience. It has numerous categories with each one being prominent in the current market. You are encountering experiential design every other day. You might have encountered it in a mall or in a museum. There are endless possibilities of you encountering it because it is present everywhere. Businesses, service providers, marketers, everyone is using experiential design to provide their customers or users a better and mesmerizing experience.

Connecting virtual things with reality:
It creates a virtual environment for the users and so we can easily say that it connects virtual things with reality. Thanks to technology, it has become much more powerful and convincing. Augmented reality and virtual reality have become an intricate part of this stream of designing. You can put your customers in a completely different environment to give them a better taste of your products or services. Holographic installations are another introduction of technology.

The versatile designing:
As stated earlier, experiential designing is present everywhere. Marketers are using it to develop new methods of selling and advertising their products. Exhibitions, concerts and similar events use it to make the visitors feel as if they are in a completely different place or in an imaginative place. Museums have been using experiential design to help the visitors in getting familiar with the historical events that the artifacts highlight.

Take the first step:
If you can imagine yourself creating such environments for your customers then you should begin working in this direction. The market is favorable and you will have no problem in finding product design courses in India. With so many product design colleges in India, you can easily begin your learning journey immediately without wasting any time.