Feel the Art of Fashion at Institutes of Raffles Design International, Mumbai

Fashion is a type of collective art, which expresses the ideas and moods of different people. Style and glamor form an essential aspect of fashion, but it is essential for the garments to be appealing to the wearers. At Raffles Design International, we consider the needs of individuals to be essential because they help people bond with the work of a specific designer. We are one of the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai. We offer fine courses to our students.

One of the courses we offer is fashion designing. This course is designed to train students and help them develop creativity in specialized areas of fashion design. Some of the subjects covered include block construction, garment cutting, pattern making, fabric manipulation, fashion illustration and lingerie design. Others include design elements, sizing design and fabric sketching.

At Raffles Design International, we also offer fashion marketing courses. These courses provide students with an insight to the ever changing life of the fashion industry. They also equip students with marketing skills that allow them to spot and promote merchandise. Students also learn about the aesthetics of style and design in fashion products, consumer behavior and the role played by consumerism in the fashion life cycle. When taking a fashion marketing course, students also study design, tastes, and style from a historical and technological perspective. This enables them to work confidently with trend information to promote and develop new style trends and concepts. A combination of optical and core modules give students a good grounding in both marketing and the fashion industry. Taking these courses is a good way to gain the skills one needs to succeed in the dynamic and competitive fashion industry.

We also offer fashion management courses, which incorporate the business contexts of merchandising, marketing and fashion design. These courses are suitable for people who have a passion for fashion and business. After completing these courses, students can actively engage in fashion industry activities like marketing, organize and managing fashion shows or exhibitions. We also offer our students insight into the important events in the fashion industry. We believe that practical experience and engagement with professionals in this industry helps increase the chances of a person getting employed.

Raffles Design international is a premier fashion design institute that offers a wide range of programs. We are linked with leading insiders in the fashion industry. This gives us a great opportunity to provide students with comprehensive training and support about different matters regarding fashion. All our programs are designed to meet the needs of the fashion industry. They are also geared towards training fashion design students to meet the challenges they may face in the future.

As one of the leading fashion design institutes in Mumbai, we seek to offer students a world-class education facility that allows them to sharpen their skills and think like professional fashion designers. Our programs are designed to meet the requirements of the fashion industry. Our former students have become successful fashion designers. We aim to produce skilled graduates who will make their contribution to the fashion designing industry.