Finding Your Edge in the Vast Industry of Fashion Design


One field that is constantly changing, rather evolving, is fashion. The definition of fashion is highly subjective. While one individual will see fashion as an equivalent to comfort, another individual might view fashion as anything unique.

If you are setting out as a professional in the field of fashion, it is necessary that you find your voice. Moreover, it is crucial that you distinguish your fashion sense from your contemporaries. Even though you may be a highly creative person, nothing can beat the theoretical and practical learning that you derive out of a full-fledged fashion-designing course. Thus, if fashion design is where your calling lies and you are looking to attain quality education in the said niche, you need not look any further than Raffles Design International Mumbai.

We at Raffles Design International Mumbai are one of the best fashion designing colleges in Mumbai and ensure instilling our pupils with industry-centric know-how and the crucial skills to help them make it big in the fashion design industry. We have roped in highly experienced professionals to mentor and guide our students so that they can go ahead to have their own distinct edge in the arena of fashion design.

In this article today, we will shed light on various ways in which you, as a fashion design aspirant, can define your own fashion sense and find a distinctive edge for yourself in the fashion industry. Read on.

  • Learning from the Best:

Once you realize that fashion is your calling, the next step should be to look for a professional fashion-designing institute where you will be exposed to the nitty-gritty related to the world of fashion. It is highly advisable to settle for an institute that brings industry leaders together.

This brings us to again assuring you that the Raffles Design International Mumbai is the place for you to kick start your fashion journey! We have some of the most renowned individuals, especially from the International Fashion Circuit, associated with us for curating and delivering lectures to our pupils and sharing their valuable experiences with them. The institute would serve as the perfect starting point for you to skyrocket your fashion career not just domestically but also internationally.

  • Touching Upon Multiple Fashion Concepts:

Gone are the days when fashion was restricted to coming up with Jazzy patterns and a mix and match of complimenting colours. Today fashion has gone deeper and broader. One of the upcoming concepts in the world of Fashion that can help you make a breakthrough and find your voice is sustainable fashion. For instance, bamboo clothing is making heads turn with an enviable sales figure.

Secondly, a lot has progressed in terms of capsule wardrobes. Essentially capsule wardrobes deal with using the same set of clothes repeatedly by following the principle of mix and match. The idea is to recycle instead of replacing. This move is in the interest of the environment as recycling means less used clothing reaching the landfills and causing environmental woes.

As one of the trusted fashion designing colleges in Mumbai, we, at Raffles Design International Mumbai, are strong supporters of eco-friendly fashion, something we introduce to our students early on, which means we are in the race of producing environmentally conscious fashion designers.

  • Knowing the Fashion that Speaks Back to You:

One very important teaching that we pass on to students at the Raffles Design International Mumbai is to find their fashion calling. We remind them that it is not necessary to follow the crowd or the trends. After all, fashion isn’t about replication. Instead, fashion is about innovation!

We encourage our students to try their vision without being fearful of perception. This is because, in the outside world, it is usually the unanticipated fashion that creates a name for itself.

Customization is another important aspect of fashion that we push our students to fall back on. The challenge lies in understanding what the client is asking for, coming up with sketches, and finally introducing the designer wear to the table.

Final Thoughts:

As someone, who is looking forward to making it big in the fashion industry, it is essential that you fall back on experimentation. You need to develop a thorough understanding of colors, fabrics, and at times even expressions.

Having said that, it is quite possible that you will not be able to hit the bull’s eye in the first attempt. But don’t lose hope! Keep going with determination. Try and look beyond the pre-set boundaries to come up with exceptional and out-of-the world designs.

More so, the best way to start your fashion journey is to get yourself admitted to an institute that can be trusted for its reputation and also for providing you with the right entry into the industry. This is where you can completely trust Raffles Design International Mumbai, one of the top fashion designing colleges in Mumbai, India, to give wings to your fashion career. Learning from the faculty par excellence and being a part of an institute with a strong international network will surely prove beneficial. So, what are you waiting for? Begin with the process today!