Get More Opportunity by Studying Fashion Designing at Raffles Design International, Mumbai

From the minute you decide that you want to pursue a career in fashion design ; you will want to look for the right place to study. Many colleges will claim to offer just what you want, but when it comes to Raffles Design, you will see that we can offer the courses that will set you up for a lifetime of job opportunities. It is not just studies in clothing that we offer, but also the chance to learn about designing and then how to market the products that have been created.

Our 2-year course gives plenty of time to study all aspects of the highest standard of fashion designing, and as we have four intakes a year, you will never have to wait more than a few months for a start date.It would be wrong to think that this sort of diploma would mean you staying in fashion design. You could branch out into personal shopping, illustrating or designing costumes for TV or film. We are proud to be able to collaborate with both domestic and international students and any of the lessons we offer can be followed at the Mumbai campus.

You can get acceptance only after the exam or submitting portfolio. As with the students, tutors can be Indian or international. But, you can be sure that we will not employ anyone who is not more than capable of helping you unlock your talent and become the best that you can be. It will be an ideal combination your talent and their ability to show you how to channel it.

It will be a great help as you progress through your career to have interacted with people from other nations and with different viewpoints. If you do decide to join us, you will find that you are linked with 24,000 other students who can see the benefit of studying under the Raffles name. A major draw will be the near endless list of awards. There have been 400 awards since 2004 that have been proffered to former students and we are still counting. As well, we have endless knowledge that with some hard work on your part, you could be the next on the list and excel in business management.

Once on campus, we can offer the chance to get access to international business and creative environments. The practical experience that will be gleaned is a stepping stone to acceptance by any of the universities with which we have an articulation agreement. Most of the classes had taken in English, It will be used at the time of internships, as the more respected companies will see this as the best language to work with.

Add to this the fact that there is the opportunity to build up a portfolio that will be impressive to start with and can be added to over the years and it is clear that we are the college to aspire to.