How to Make your own logo design in 5 easy steps

  1. Gather design inspiration

Visuals draw your eyes to subtle details that make a great logo jump off the page. Learning to spot attractive design elements can help you narrow down your style choices. Look to logos from big brands and designers for inspiration. You can print out images, save them on a computer or create a web album on websites such as Pinterest. Try to visually dissect your favorite picks, taking note of the form and placement of each shape. Pay attention to patterns and trends that stand out, especially in your industry. Consumer perception is a big part of branding. Imagine visiting a bank with a wacky mascot logo and fun, youthful brand colors. A bank must inspire trust, so it needs an authoritative logo that matches its brand identity.

  1. Design on a custom or stock design

Does the mere thought of an art project make you cringe?  An online logo maker is a DIY option to get a readymade design or mock-up without any art skills. Online logo makers provide design templates with images and font pairings to help you try out a variety of looks. They are tailored to beginners, and you can customize the design with just a few simple tweaks.

On the other hand, an original custom logo can set your business apart, giving you more distinction and brand recognition. The custom route takes more time, effort, and patience, but you can simplify the design to fit your skill level. A custom logo is a very good option if your business is new or online. Growing businesses are under more pressure to build an audience, and it is easier to stand out with a custom logo.

  1. Plan to transform a template.

When you are going with a logo maker, look for programs with a big library of editable templates. The more power you must customize the design, the better it will be. Customization reduces the chance of running into another business with a similar logo. Choose a template with a symbol you like, and then change the fonts and colors to make the design your own. When it makes sense, go with a symbol that has strong ties to your business name, but not your industry. You should also play around with word placement. Deviating from the standard look a logomark above a business name can immediately add visual impact.

  1. Brainstorm ideas on paper

Creating a completely new logo design? Use hand-drawn drafts in a pen or pencil to work out your design. Try not to worry too much about your art skills. The goal is to be less restrictive with your initial ideas. Doodling is like setting your brain free to release all your creative power on paper. If you start with a beginner design software, you are more likely to limit yourself to available shapes and symbols. Again, the web is a great place to find examples of logo sketches. Do not throw out your failed sketches. Put several doodles on the same page to compare the changes. Why not test out a few hand-drawn fonts as well? Watch the logo process evolve to home in on what works and what does not. Then, you can try out new combos pairing the features you like.

  1. Build upon shapes

Think like the pros, and let shapes be your guide. Designers use basic shapes to perfect the form of a logo and create more complex shapes. This technique is an easy way to preserve symmetry and proportion and avoid misshapen lines. Logo design is a challenge, and you will probably come up with more bad ideas than good ones. But do not get discouraged. Removing all the elements that do not fit is how you create a winning design. It is important that you get constant feedback. Stepping outside your creative perspective occasionally helps you spot flaws and edit like a professional.