Raffles Design Institute – The best institute to shape your career in Animation

Using their computer skills and powerful software, animators bring to life a range of drawings and other forms of art and create cutting-edge 2D and 3D animations for a wide range of media including websites, movies, video gaming and mobile media. The most important skills any animator can have is creativity and imagination. Apart from this, drawing skills, attention to detail, computer literacy, communication skills and time management are important skills any animator should possess. Like with every other career choice, animation requires education. There are several animation courses in Mumbai to pick from to hone the aforementioned skills. The animation classes in Mumbai offered by the Raffles Design Institute are definitely some of the best and here are some points to tell you how Raffles Design Institute will help you shape your career in animation-

1. Course Design- The course design at Raffles Design Institute is completely international. Students are even allowed to transfer their studies to any of the schools or universities articulated with them ensuring no time is lost due to the transfer as all the institutes follow the same academic calendar. Raffles Design Institute offers a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) course in Digital Media Design which includes two years of Advanced Diploma plus one year of a top degree to complete the course. Students can opt for just the Advanced Diploma while completing the additional Top Up degree earns them a Bachelors degree.

2. Work Experience- Practical training in 2D and 3D graphic designing, web designing, interactive programming, audio and video production and animation are among the skills students are provided practical hands-on training in by an international faculty who bring years of experience and international exposure. Design training within the course includes the students performing internships at respectable companies which helps them build substantial work portfolios which in turn helps in building their career.

3. Facilities Provided- Like any international level school, the Raffles Design Institute takes the most care to provide the best facilities available to the students. Fully air-conditioned classrooms, Student Resource Centre with an online library, Computer lab, Sewing lab, Pattern Drafting Room, Interior Drafting Room, Locker facility, Students’ Lounge are just some of the facilities provided here. Additionally, Raffles Design Institute has four annual intakes which makes it easier for students to choose when they want to start their course making it all the more convenient to be a part of this institution.

All of the above-mentioned reasons are what makes Raffles Design Institute one of the best places to go for animation classes in Mumbai. So get into their animation course in Mumbai, get your degree and get animating your own future.