Raffles Mumbai’s Fashion Design program allows student to hold an in-depth understanding of subject

The best gift you could give your child is college education. If you have a child who wants to join design college , we need to hear from you. We, Raffles Design International , teach different courses. For that reason, your child must first decide on the course they want to do. Is it going to be one of our best fashion management courses? Fashion industry is broad and diverse. There is so much to learn and execute. So, if a child is not interested in the management and marketing aspects, he or she could do a fashion design course.

We lay a strong foundation for your future business

Like most people, your child may be more interested in self-employment than employment after school. Even if they secure their first job, chances are that they will quit work to become their own boss. Hence, we will do our best to teach them fashion marketing and management skills. We will help them build a strong foundation in Fashion business management. Thus, when they finally join the fashion retail industry, they will be fully equipped to succeed. To them, challenges will appear simpler and easily to solve. By the time they complete their fashion management courses, students will have read many real live case studies.

At Raffles Design, we focus on ensuring that students become competent fashion designers. The courses we offer are interesting and we encourage creative thinking. Our comprehensive curriculum taps both the technical and creative aspect of fashion designing. We provide industry oriented courses which prepare students to do well in the fashion designing industry. We offer advanced diploma courses in fashion design and other disciplines like interior design, digital media design and fashion management and marketing.

We at Raffles Design aim to produce skilled and talented graduates who will make an immense contribution to design related disciplines. By attending our institute, students will prepare themselves for an exciting future in the design industry. They will be able to gain exposure to creative business environments in addition to useful hands on experience. Upon completing their fashion designing courses, students have a good opportunity to attend internships with respectable firms. Through the internships, they can create a portfolio that showcases their skills and assists them to build their careers.