Career In Fashion Designing & Beyond – Know All About It Here


Fashion Design

A career option as a fashion designer is one of the best career opportunities up for grabs right now. Understand why a fashion designing career path will be right for you with our handy guide.

Fashion designing field is called glamorous and fun to work in, it is all green pastures and clear sky, however. In reality, it involves a lot of hard work and bootleg to get it all to the level where it becomes glamorous. Doing that requires passion for creating something unique and amazing, will to do it despite multiple obstacles and a lot of creativity. If you have all of these, you qualify it to choose fashion designing as a career in your life.

Here are all the things you need to know in order to have a successful fashion designing career in your life.

  • The biggest mistake anyone can do in choosing fashion designing as a career is getting training from any random institute. It is extremely important to attain good quality education in the field of fashion designing from a well-reputed school.
  • Reputed institutes offer excellent standards of education, trained and expert faculty, real-life experience and the advance techniques required in the field, and most importantly exposure to the fashion fraternity.
  • Networking with other designers globally, understanding designs from various perspectives, experimenting with different styles and showcasing this work to the community is very important.
  • This opportunity is offered only at the best-reputed fashion designing schools along with top-grade education and much more.
  • Secondly, it is important to understand all the career paths open to you through the field of fashion designing. It includes modelling, textile designing, garment designing, haute couture designs, retail designing, retail buyer, apparel sales, personal shoppers, and much more. Understanding a clear career path, in the beginning, provides you to focus on correct studies and specialised field as well as accurate networking among the fashion fraternity.
  • Along with the studies, it is very important for every fashion designer to ideate new designs that can be potential trendsetters and to curate good collections from the past and present collections, to understand their potential and intricacies. 
  • An aspiring fashion designer must also involve themselves in extracurricular activities such as designing in fashion shows, curating other artists designs and making different adaptations from various inspirations. This helps in building an impressive portfolio which is a potential image of your career for the future opportunities. 
  • These all opportunities are available at every reputed fashion designing school along with travelling to new and exciting lands. Inspiration can strike anywhere and everywhere, after all, therefore, all kinds of exposure is required.
  • Last but not least, fashion designing requires a great deal of funds for the materials, machineries (if required) and time. It can be expensive. But, it is always fruitful and has job satisfaction for sure. 



Fashion designing can be extremely demanding and difficult. There are always problems involved, however, if you are enrolled in a  good and reputed institute, they provide the kind of exposure that helps kick-start a successful career in the future and thus builds a good platform for the future endeavours. Also, design takes inspiration and creativity, so more exposure you get, the more designing you will do.

So, keep your eyes open, travel, know your past, keep up-to-date with the fields, and you never know when your own collection will end up on some prestigious fashion show or get in trend. Fashion Designing is first and foremost about setting trends, after all!