Shibori – Japanese Art of Fabric Dyeing Workshop

The enduring importance of fabric in our everyday lives — for clothing, furnishings, symbolic communication, and commerce — is underscored by the study of fabric. Raffles Mumbai organised a Shibori workshop which is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces patterns on fabric.

Students from multidisciplinary department had the unique opportunity to try several transformative techniques that combined shibori and texture art in various design genres.

At the workshop, instructor Shibani Shetty introduced the underlying technical concepts by visually showcasing several samples of Kanoko shibori and Kumo shibori that exemplify this process.

In addition, workshop instructor also talked about her work in transformation space and pleating with various design domains. Her signature patterns and techniques were also discussed and shared with the class.

One of the lovely surprises of the day was to see the students using different objects such as pipes, rods etc. during the process and making beautiful designs on the fabrics.

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