The Hottest Fashion Trends of 2022

The fashion trends of 2022 are all about boldness and extravagance. You can call it the fallout of the pandemic that has given designers the much-needed room to go all out with their creativity. It’s as if they’re offering us a form of escapism by celebrating bold and blingy designs while providing an outlet to vent out our frustrations that the severe lockdown constraints have brought about.

However, it has been noticed that people seem to be perplexed about whether to embrace maximalist looks after dressing down for what seems like ages now. Even brand houses are witnessing their customers transform into conscious shoppers because they are choosing to buy fewer and quality items. Additionally, the fashionistas are veering away from the “wear once” culture and moving towards pieces that can be worn again and again while matching them with their various outfits.

Nonetheless, we, at Raffles Design International Mumbai, recognized among the top fashion designing colleges in India, would like to suggest you to take inspiration from the fashion shows and work out those styles that are best suited to your existing wardrobe to be attuned to the latest trends. And today, in this article below, we have brought forth for you a detailed list of the hottest fashion trends of 2022. Scroll down and see what interests you the most.

  • Get colorful

Color is largely dominating the 2022 fashion scene. This means it’s time to move away from classic creams, tans, and neutrals to embrace color blocking and enrich your mood with bold hues. To take the bar a notch higher, all you have to do is adorn a bright accessory (such as a bag or shoes) along with.

Some bold colors that compliment all skin tones are Kermit-the-frog green and Fuschia Pink. So, go ahead and try on a suit of these colors to stay on top of the fashion game. Moreover, you can choose among smock frocks, boxy suits, and bold shoes and bags to put your best bold look forward.

  • Opt for fringed details

Fringing lends a bohemian feel because of its slouchy fits, crochet designs, and tassels. Pairing your fringed outfit with chunky sandals is all things dreamy – you’ve got the idea, right?

You can make fringing even more flattering by letting the details fall over the areas that you’re self-conscious about. Beach bags, crochet tops, and maxi dresses – all add to your fringed look.

  • Go with sequins and shimmery designs

Take a cue from Valentino and Chanel and get all shimmery – irrespective of the time of the year. But yes, keep in mind that when it comes to accessorizing your shimmery outfit, you should keep it to a minimum. Avoid tons of jewelry or prints if you’re wearing a standout piece. Let the embellished beauty of your clothes do all the talking.

Among shimmering designs, you can consider adding slinky slip dresses, wide-leg sequin trousers, and sequined blazers to your wardrobe.

  • Take your pick between Maxi and Mini

While the tussle is between Team Maxi and Team Mini, the Micro-Mini is emerging to be the clear winner this 2022 fashion season. So, if you’ve been waiting to get flirty with your knee-high boots and miniskirts, here’s your chance to do so!

On the other hand, maxi lovers must ditch the A-line hippie styles for the retro tube fits that extend close to the ankles. Go for a stylish, full-length look with a subtle split to feel carefree and liberated.

Take your pick from ribbed tops, tube-maxi shirts, and mini dresses for a voguish feel!

  • Stylize with bold stripes

Pinstripes are outdated, and it’s wide stripes all the way on the fashion stage. Striped jumpers have made their way into 2022 after a successful winter run. Remember, vertical stripes give a slim feel, pastel colors are perfect for spring, and a classic Breton top is all your need to complete your wardrobe.

Also, if you’re a fan of monochrome stripes, choose colorful accessories for a powerful impact. Diagonal stripes, Breton tops, and matching coords should be among your picks in bold stripes.

Besides the above, the 2022 fashion trends are also dictated by cut-out designs, elevated shapes, animal prints, ruffles & frills, and sports gear. Talking of sportswear, this trend is no longer a fashion fad. Rather, sportswear has seeped into our daily wear, and it is only becoming ragingly popular. So, you can either go for teaming up ski-like bomber jackets with your wardrobe essentials or simply put on a pair of sporty sunglasses to embrace this trend.

Summing up, we hope we have been able to provide you an insight into what all is up and relevant this year in terms of fashion. And if you are someone who adores fashion as a field of study as well, we, at Raffles Design International, one of the top fashion designing colleges in India, are right here to provide you with the necessary know-how and experience to make it big in yo