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5 Factors to Explore Your Career in Fashion Design Industry

Fashion designing has its origins since the 19th century and Charles Federick Worth is considered to be the first designer who had his label open to all.

Dressing decides the person’s taste and stature. In the current scenario, the importance given to dressing is unmatchable. Right from a kid to an aged individual everyone wants to be up to date with the fashion trends and ensures to follow the best trends.

Fashion designing is nothing but the art of improving one’s look with clothes and accessories. The fashion world is more than just designers. Explore various options and analyze what interests you the most after choosing Raffles Fashion Design Course:

Here are 5 Factors to Explore Your Career in the Fashion Design Industry

Careers as you like So now you have come to a point to test the real world where creativity takes a commercial turn, it’s the internships. You can join various industries after Raffles Fashion Design classes for

  • Merchandiser
  • Visual merchandising executive
  • Fashion consultant
  • Graphic designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • As faculty in colleges
  • As a fashion blogger
  • You can start freelancing

Fashion Stylist

Raffles fashion designing institute will help you to be the best. Fashion styling is the toughest of all the fashion professions. This is because being a fashion stylist involves working for high-profile people, celebrities, etc. As a stylist, you will churn several attires before you make a final choice for your celebrity client. It is Exciting, isn’t it? Staying with celebrities, being their personal fashion stylist, or a part of their styling team definitely appears glamorous. But remember, there’s a lot of hard work involved at the backend, and besides choosing the right attire, your client will also expect you to help them choose the right makeup, hairstyles, and accessories. Irrespective of the challenges involved, fashion styling is an exciting and rewarding career.

Fashion Blogger

If you have a great fashion sense and the capabilities to articulate your thoughts well, blogging could turn out to be a great career choice for you. Of course, you will have to stick around for some time and keep delivering authentic, readable, and sensible fashion content to build the reputation though. You can either work as a freelancing fashion blogger, as a full-time one with a fashion house, or a magazine, or take it up as a hobby or a part-time profession – whichever is feasible and works best for you Bloggers must have a uniqueness to build a loyal base of followers. You can become Fashion influencers on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram

Fashion Model

Yes, why not? You could be a model, as you’ve got that modeling spark and attitude in you. Get yourself assessed on this front through a good fashion photographer, and create a portfolio. Groom yourself to be a noticeable model. If you think the results are good enough, you can start working as a freelancing model or join an agency to work on modeling assignments. Again, working as a fashion model is a lucrative choice, but the schedules could be quite exhausting. So be prepared for a tiring, yet high-paying and glamorous job!

Fashion Designer

This is the most obvious career option for student graduates of Fashion designing is to become fashion designers, who create original clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, and more. Sketch the dress designs, finalize the fabrics, patterns, and textures, and style outfits and looks. Raffles fashion design classes in Mumbai provide you the best training and knowledge.

Textile Designers

You can also opt for textile designing if you have good knowledge of different textiles and their unique characteristics. You are supposed to design 2D patterns for different kinds of fabrics. You can independently work as a Textile designer or join a design team in both industrial and non-industrial settings.

2. Jewelry or Footwear Designer

In the past few decades, jewelry designing and footwear designing have emerged as high-profile designing jobs. Both jewelry and branded footwear are expensive as people expect some uniquely designed products. This is why there is a huge demand for jewelry and footwear designing. If you are trained in fashion design, you also have the opportunity to create jewelry and footwear. join raffles fashion design institute in Mumbai to avail all the opportunities.