Basic 3 Things You Should Check While Taking Admission in Fashion Design College

The concept of fashion cannot be the same for everyone and cannot be defined as it’s a creative art. Eventually, the core knowledge remains identical for everyone which can be obtained through the best fashion school. But the question is how to rank the best among all. Here are the three basic things that will guide you to select the fashion design college.

  • The Reputation of the Institution


Every Institute grows with its student’s development and achievements. The years of experience allows the institute to get better and better day by day. The reputation is gained through mouth publicity by its stakeholders. Fittest will survive is the formula applicable to fashion designing schools too.

Qualification of the Faculties

The qualified staff is in a better position to deliver the syllabus and curriculum most finely. Teaching is not just transferring knowledge it’s about bringing the desired change among the students.

Achievements of the Institution

Every institute sets its benchmark and it determines its level of aspiration of the students. For example, the famous fashion designer who has passed out of the institution also increases the credibility of the institution. The other awards and recognition the institute possesses show the work culture of the institution.


The implementation of the curriculum and co-curriculum responsible for the healthy development of the students cannot be gained without high standards of the infrastructure. Conducive development needs proper classrooms, libraries, laboratories, internet, and water and canteen facilities.


The placement gives an entry point in the industry. The top colleges with superior teaching culture produce the best talent. The top companies offer the best job opportunities to the candidates that give good exposure to try their skills and knowledge.

  • Syllabus and Curriculum

Course on Offer

The colleges with upright infrastructure are in a good position to offer a variety of courses. The fashion colleges in Mumbai offer many courses under one roof. Diploma, degree, and certificate courses allow the student to upgrade knowledge under the same fashion design school.

Teaching Pattern

The execution of the course mainly depends on the teaching pedagogy used in the institution. Many institutions just use lecture methods which are age-old methods. The use of interactive methods, ICT, and learning by doing is the most preferred method for any fashion design class as a creative field.


The affiliation of the institution makes the certificate valid in the industry. Check the affiliation of the fashion design school while taking admission.

Skill Development

Fashion design is the creative field of art and needs to develop a variety of skills to be successful in professional life.

Using Computer-aided Application

The computer is an inseparable part of any industry. The fashion design colleges in Mumbai are well supported to teach the various programs used in the fashion industry and are taught as a part of the course.

  • Exposure to the Industry


Fashion cannot be just learned through books; it’s a creative expression and it can be obtained through exposure to the external world. The famous fashion design colleges in Mumbai take their students for field visits such as fashion shows, festivals, and exhibitions.

Workshops and Seminar

The expert from the industry is called by the fashion design colleges to take workshops or seminars on the recent trends in the fashion industry etc.

Lectures of Eminent Personality

The guest lectures from the creative field are called to give an insight into the various aspects of the fashion industry.

Based on the above factors, collect information about the fashion school. This information can be collected through media, stakeholders of the institution, or web sites. The fashion school fits on the above criteria can be your preferred option for admission.