What Are The Basic Elements of Fashion Designing?

The basic elements of fashion designing are a pivotal part of any designing course. The basics can be learned through various courses. The diploma or degree courses are available in various institutions located in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The best courses offered in the fashion institute in Mumbai are Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Design, and Fashion Management and Communication.

The Basic Elements of Fashion Designing

  • Theory of Colour

Colours play a key role in any creative art. Colours bring hue, tints, and value in any design.

Contrast – contrast brings out the best in fashion. If you know how to use colour contrast you can play well with the artist’s impression. Contrast can be the biggest strength of a designer.

Colour schemes – The colour pallet is derived from the colour schemes. The idea of colour schemes makes your design come out with all emotion and warmth.

Harmony of colours – Too bright and too light can be the spoiler in the design. Designers should be able to bring euphony in a fashion which is not possible without practice and learning the basic elements of fashion.

One of the most important elements of fashion designing is the ability to distinguish between strong and weak colors. A chromatic scale is used to teach this difference and explain the concept of Chroma.

  • Focal Point

The focus of the design is a very censorious aspect for any designer. The knowledge of bringing out the linchpin helps to convey the theme of the design.

  • The Dimension of Shape and Forms

Shapes are derived from lines and points and are the basic element of any design. The shape can be:

  • Two Dimensional
  • Three Dimensional

Shapes allow the design to look different or innovative. The designer must have upstanding proficiency of shapes and its principal. The shapes can be one point where the entire design can be created.

Organic shapes are defined as mathematical or geometrical shapes that can be used symbolically to express the theme behind the design. The best fashion institute in the city like Mumbai always focuses on basics to create a strong foundation in the fashion industry.

Organic or inorganic shapes are easily heightened by colour, shade, tone, and texture.

  • Texture a Visual Surface

The design is a creative art and capable of creating surfaces that can be felt or visualized. The texture is a vital aspect of any design. Textures create a strong impact that is visual and palpable. The idea of textures allows creating different feelings in the design such as intimate, sleeker or grounded.

  • Spatial Intelligence

Space in any design adds meaning. Shapes signify a concept, create movement, and provide depth to a design. The best designing institute in Mumbai includes modern graphic design tools that allow the student to make use of technology for better and faster results.

  • Principles of Fashion Designing:
    • Harmony in design
    • Innovation and development of sustainable designs
    • Following the rhythm
    • Achieving balance

Mumbai is the hub of the fashion industry. The best fashion institute in Mumbai interactively implements the course. The leading institutes conduct workshops and seminars. The institute manages the lectures of prominent personalities from the fashion industry like Sabya Sachi, Sunita Kohli, and Lipika Sud, etc.

The best fashion designing colleges conduct live sessions with celebrities. Field visits are conducted at the ancient monuments, fashion industries, and festivals for exposure to the variety of designs and trends.

Comprehension of the basic element of fashion designing helps to master any art form and the sky remains the limit for your ideas and fashion.