5 Key Triggers That Drive Fashion Trends

Several factors come into play in making a style fashionable. At Raffles Design International, one of the top fashion designing colleges in India and a leading name in fashion and design education in Mumbai, we believe that style is all about striking the right emotional chords and communicating effectively. Of course, the aesthetic appeal goes a long way in dressing a fashion too. Also, celebrities and stylists contribute significantly when it comes to influencing fashion.

In most cases, people have their own reasons for wearing the type of clothes they do. Yes, climate and the surrounding environment, which are external factors, do play a crucial role in determining a person’s clothing choices. But besides that, there is a range of other factors that affect people’s choices as well.

So today, let us delve into the five most common factors that can be actually held responsible for fuelling changes in fashion trends. Read on.

  • Fashion Foresight

Upcoming events and external factors are some drivers of fashion trends. Fashion stylists, color specialists, and promoters work in collusion to decide what to bring to the market. They play with a combination of colors and styles to offer customers a variety of fashion styles. Depending on the season around the corner, they get down to business to design trends that are suitable for particular occasions.

  • Entertainment Industry

As humans, we want to be constantly entertained. More so, with the revolution in the technological industry, you can access movies and music with only a few clicks. Now tell us honestly, don’t you feel influenced by the movie stars and musicians when you keep watching a lot of movies or constantly listen to their music? We know you do! In fact, a lot of people not only start identifying with them but also want to appear like them. This triggers fashion trends among the public, and fashion designers get to work by designing similar outfits to cater to the demands. After all, if you enjoy a particular genre, there’s nothing wrong with styling yourself as per your fashion taste. Isn’t it!

  • Celebs

Celebrities, by far, are the biggest influencers in the fashion industry. More so, fashion designers and celebs work closely. That’s because these fashion professionals design clothes for celebrities before the design trends hit the market. Designers bring attention to their products by dressing celebrities who are walking the red carpet or modeling at fashion shows. By doing so, they cause a rise in demand for their products among the public who want to ape their favorite stars.

  • Fashion Stylists

The creativity of a fashion stylist is another driving factor in fashion trends. While models and fashions do not stay, fashion stylists continue dominating the show. They design the look of shows and celebs from start to end. Going by their creative instincts, they go about running the entire show. They influence fashion trends because they know how to match outfits with appropriate accessories.

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  • Economy

Economy affects fashion in a myriad of ways. No doubt, affordability goes a long way in controlling people’s fashion choices. Moreover, as per the buyer market they’re targeting, fashion designers make adjustments to their designs.

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