Career Scope in the Niche of Product Design

Product designing is all about enhancing the user experience by creating and remodeling products. It is a booming field in the current times as there is a gradual shift of focus from set standards to customization, with the end goal of enhancing the experience and satisfaction index of the end-users.

No wonder, there is a huge demand for qualified product designers in the market across different industry verticals. However, sadly there is not enough availability of skilled and educated professionals having knowledge of the said niche.

Thus, if you want to tap into your hidden potential as a product designer, we, at Raffles Design International, Mumbai, one of the leading product design institutes in India, would, first of all, like to applaud you for your decision and also assure you that you have a bright career going ahead!

That’s because pursuing your education in the domain of product design will open up a whole lot of lucrative job opportunities in front of you. So today, in this article below, we will shed light on some of the best job opportunities you will get to put your hands on upon completing a course in Product Design.

  • Product Designer

Your job as a product designer will entail improving the usability of products. Here, you not only have to create new products but also enhance the features of existing everyday items. Your job will involve working on cars, household appliances, and mobiles. In addition, you will be responsible for upgrading or modernizing larger items such as machinery, equipment, and industrial tools.

  • Furniture Designer

As a furniture designer, you have to design furniture and other items. Ranging from mass-produced items to small batches of products to limited edition pieces, you have to be involved at the designing end of all. You will be required to create concepts and designs having a balanced mix of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and revolutionary designs.

  • Design Consultant

Design consultants can avail myriads of opportunities in the fashion design, graphic design, and interior design industries. As part of your design consultant duties, you have to suggest solutions for designing spaces and products by striking the right balance between aesthetics, shape, and functional design.

To pursue a career as a design consultant, having a degree in Product Design goes a long way in determining success in the industry. We, at Raffles Design International, provide a holistic learning experience to our pupils with our local and international expertise in design education.

  • Toy Designer

The job of a toy designer involves conceiving and developing new toys. You have to display your creative skills and gain inspiration from different sources for designing new toys. Among your tools to frame new toy designs are computers, pens, and paper sheets.

  • Lighting Designer

If you’re interested in developing a career in the field of Lighting design, then be prepared to work alongside lighting technicians and Art Directors to create lighting visuals for strobes, lasers, and video screens.

  • Environmental Designer

In your role as an environmental designer, your responsibility entails creating interesting layouts for video games, television shows, and animated films. You will be given the story brief or film script to bring to life an imaginary universe.

Embark on your product designing career path now!

As you can see, an array of career choices is available in the field of Product Design. Going by your interests, you can take your pick from the variety of career options. However, to succeed in the domain, it is vital that you have hands-on experience and in-depth know-how on all the crucial aspects of product design. This is where we, at Raffles Design International Mumbai, come into the picture as one of the best product design institutes in India.

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