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The Career Potential in the Domain of Visual Communication Design

A career as a Visual Communication Designer can be exciting and rewarding. However, to build a successful career in Visual Communication Design, your best option is to secure a degree in Visual Communication Design from a reputed design institute. After completing a course in Visual Communication Design, you have a plethora of interesting job profiles to take your pick from.

So today, in this article below, we at Raffles Design International, Mumbai, positioned among the best design colleges in India, will shed light on the basic intricacies of visual communication design as a career. Going through this article will help understand what visual communication design basically is and what you can expect in terms of salary structure and job profiles.

What is Visual Communication Design All About?

Visual communication design is all about creating visual media, including web pages and animation. Among disciplines that are covered in visual communication design are Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Multimedia tools, Communication Design, Photography, and Advertising.  Visual communication tools allow you to put across your ideas and thoughts visually through graphics and without words.

Your main job as a visual communication designer is to entertain, sell, and inform audiences while focusing on enhancing the aesthetic appeal to improve the overall viewing experience. When you enroll for a visual communication design with Raffles International, counted among the best design institutes in Mumbai, you will also learn how to combine art and digital technology to come up with creative and functional ideas.

As a visual communication professional, you can design your website as well. However, you must keep in mind that website designing and website development are not the same. While web designers help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your websites, web developers are concerned with creating the architecture of websites and assimilating various elements on the platforms to improve their functionality.

Careers in Visual Communication Design: Various Job Roles

  • Design Director or Creative Director

In your role as a design director, you determine the strategic aims for your client or company. Moreover, while coordinating with the production staff and designers, you have to oversee whether the given objectives are being met. Some areas that you can work in as a design director are web media, branding, packaging, print media, interactive media, and environmental design.

  • Type Designer

Type designers are responsible for framing typefaces or font families. Note that type design and typography are not synonymous terms. While typography is all about making the written/printed words appealing to read by arranging the varied type elements, type design is now becoming popular as a profession in India, too! Satya Purohit (who is the founder of the Indian Type Foundry) is responsible for this change, for he has taken up the onus of making fonts for the different Indic scripts, including Devanagari.

  • Web Designer

A web designer, while working in a design team, is responsible for maintaining the online visibility of a company or client. To excel in your role as a web designer, you should have some coding and general visual communication design skills. Nonetheless, at Raffles International, recognized among the reputed design institutes in Mumbai, we train our students to stay updated on the best web practices for being a professional web designer too!

Salary Prospects in Visual Communication Design: What to expect?

Whether you choose to work as a designer in studios or as a freelancer after completing a visual communication design course, you can be assured of attractive pay packages. Moreover, you get the opportunity to work on various projects, which ensures there never is a dull moment. After becoming well-versed with the demands of a visual communication designer job, you can take up senior roles, which means more interesting work will come your way.

As far as your salary as a Visual Communication Design professional goes, the average salary is pegged at approximately $51,000, which tends to vary as per your chosen career path. Likewise, while Art Directors can earn up to $97,000, Web Developers can expect their salaries to go up to $77,000, and Multimedia Artists take home salaries that go up to $77,000.

You would be glad to know that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as per its 2019-2029 estimates, reckons the demand for animators and multimedia artists to rise by 4%, going by an uptick in demand for visual effects. A good reason to make your foray into this arena, isn’t it?

In a nutshell…

With a degree in visual communication design, you open the doors to various opportunities in the design field for yourself. Depending on whether you’re interested in print or web or interactive design media, you can choose among different roles that match your preferences. However, to make a thriving career in the niche, it is important that you pursue a course in Visual Communication Design from a reputed design institute, such as Raffles Design International, Mumbai. We are one of the best design colleges in India and have years of experience in mentoring young minds to fulfill their design dreams and carve a successful career for themselves. So, get in touch with us today and get set ready to climb the corporate ladder from here on!