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Career Outlook in the Booming Niche of Digital Media Design

The 94th Academy Awards Ceremony 2022 held recently grabbed the eyeballs owing to varied reasons. And one of them was the award of The Best Animated Feature Film, bestowed upon Disney’s Encanto for its splendid and opulent display of motion graphics and animation.

A little while ago, audiences experienced another gawking moment when the 2013 Cadbury Scrème Egg animated advertisement was released on YouTube! The visually stunning commercial video of the limited-edition product called Crème Eggs garnered over 4 million views!

The facts and figures mentioned above captivate our attention towards the vast area of digital media design. Raffles Design International, Mumbai, regarded as the best institute for digital media design in Mumbai, reckons that a career in digital media designing is a booming niche that can cater to endless possibilities.

A vocation in digital media encompasses animators, graphic artists, digital designers, and multimedia artists. They all create content like digital images, audio, videos, video games, etc. Digital media designing is certainly vast in terms of the options of careers it offers.

Let us know more about these careers in detail in this article below.

  • Graphics Designer

A Graphics Designer is a professional who deals with graphic arts and graphics designs and who compiles together images, motion graphics along with typography in order to generate a piece of a design digitally, in the form of brochures and advertisements.

Anyone with great imagination and the capacity to transpire and replicate that imagination into his/her work can take up this profession.

  • Web Designer

A wide variety of areas come under the definition of a web designer. The field of web designing includes search engine optimization, user interface designing, proprietary software production, authoring, web graphic designing, and user experience designing.

A few more specific skills are required in order to succeed as a web designer, like knowledge of HTML language, JavaScript, Design Applications, and also online marketing skills.

  • Animation Designer

An Animation Designer is a designer who develops animated diagrams or drawings and unique visual effects for an assortment of Digi-tools like video films, video games, and websites. Organizations, especially those with a digital presence, hire animation designers to build their brands digitally.

Anyone proficient in building mental images/imagery, and if the person is backed by a bachelor’s degree in design or fine arts or computer animation, can become a successful animation designer.

  • Digital Designer

Designers who incorporate technology with imagination to develop media that can be viewed on any screen, like a mobile, computer, or dashboard, are digital designers.

They are different from graphic designers, for the latter concentrates primarily on static formats, unlike the former, which deals with movements like 2D or 3D.

Any person with a design skill, a knack for fine arts and details, and knowledge of media communication and computer operating systems can aspire to be a digital designer.

  • Multimedia Artists

Artists who employ digital tools to produce such designs that can be used as electronic media by varied industries like television, films, video games, the internet, etc., are known as multimedia artists.

They are supposed to possess an artistic bent of mind, creative corners, good knowledge of colors, textures, and lighting, basic computer knowledge, and a great ability to communicate fluently.

  • Art Directors

A person who works closely with the team of graphic designers and also oversees the design process from the very start to finish is an art director. In addition, he/she works in close coordination with departments like finance, marketing, and customer care service so that he can coordinate projects well.

Persons with exceptional media design skills, leadership qualities, a good understanding of branding, and conceptual capabilities can make a great career in art direction.

At Raffles Design International, Mumbai, an institute producing talented and skilled design graduates since 2004 and recognized as the best institute of digital media design in Mumbai, we reckon that the present era belongs to digital media and multimedia designers. Therefore, we would like to suggest to the ambitious minds interested in making a career in the media arena to fasten their seatbelts and get ready to ride this flourishing field. With the proper direction, technique, and portfolio, you can break into this trade and certainly carve a niche for yourself!