The Creative Role of Inspiration in the World of Fashion Design

Fashion Design is the world of creativity and innovation. The more creative bend of mind you have, the better you can do in the arena of fashion. However, one of the biggest challenges that remain almost consistent for fashion designers all across the world is to keep coming up with new design ideas to stay relevant and cater to the ever-changing demands of clients. To keep up with this momentum, it is very important that fashion designers have clear-cut sources of inspiration.

In other words, as a fashion designer, you need design inspirations to burn your creative fires. Otherwise, you will reach a “creative block.” Most designers look for artistic inspirations to feed their imagination. It could be anything ranging from something tangible (something that can be touched and seen) to intangible (something you cannot touch or see).

Among tangible sources that fashion designers take inspiration from are furniture, sculpture, painting, architecture, animals, flowers, and other fascinating objects. On the flip side, travels, memories, history, art, culture, movies, and social movements are among the intangible sources of inspiration for couturiers.  

All in all, finding inspiration is the first step in the process of designing clothes. Remember that inspiration is the starting point and the most important aspect of any design process! So today, in this article, we, at Raffles Design International Mumbai, one of the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai, will shed light on the role of inspiration in the life of a fashion designer and what are the various sources of inspiration that a designer can draw his/her inspiration from.

Sources of Inspiration for the Fashion World: How to Choose the Right Ones?

How to choose the source of inspiration that doesn’t end up turning vague remains a key challenge for fashion designers. To solve this quandary, it is important that, being a fashion designer, you first ask yourselves whether the given source of inspiration is motivating you or not.

Ideally, you must seek sources of inspiration that are easy, or rather say feasible, to conceptualize. No wonder most designers take their inspiration from tangible sources like flowers, paintings, furniture, or any object. Even if it is intangible, it is more like a thought process that can be easily conveyed through the means of their design collection. However, being original is key in the world of fashion design.

Hence, no matter where you are drawing your inspiration from, it is imperative to make sure that there lies originality and uniqueness in your work. Moreover, it is very important for fashion mongers to choose sources of inspiration that relate to both their collection as well as the target audience.

This is where we, at Raffles International, among the top-ranking design institutes in Mumbai, always advise our students to get into the practice of documenting their ideas. Maintaining a research journal can actually turn out to be the best source of inspiration for a fashion designer as it will have all the different ideas that have come across the designer’s mind at any point in time. As such, a glance at the journal can help pop a whole new inspiration each time the creative eyes of the designer fall on it.

Finding Inspiration is a Crucial Skill for a Fashion Designer

Believe it or not, the ability to draw inspiration for designing clothes is actually key to being successful in the highly competitive world of fashion design. Once you have your inspiration, the rest of the designing process, including creating designs, styling, choosing suitable colors, and drawing silhouettes, gets taken care of without much ado.

You can gain inspiration for designing couture from social media, magazines, and the streets. Some people may get inspired simply by seeing a bird flying or the different colors on the sidewalk. We, at Raffles International, ranked among the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai, encourage our students to draw on these images and incorporate them into their works to come up with their best.

After all, designing is all about collaborating while we build on new ideas with each passing day. As such, our visions, thoughts, and ideas from the past serve as our inspiration for today. After all, it is our connections to a larger world that feed our artistic impressions. Isn’t it!