What Does it Take to be a Successful Product Designer?

Product designing is all about unleashing your creativity to improve the user experience with a product or service. To be successful as a product designer, you have to create marketable designs that are not only user-friendly and attractive but also help in fulfilling the needs of consumers. In a nutshell, identifying customer needs, coming up with solutions that fulfill the given requirements, conducting the necessary tests for designs, and analyzing the products and services constitute the key responsibilities of these professionals.

Moreover, an interesting aspect of product design is that this field offers a range of career paths to choose from. Whether it’s about designing the front end of a website/app or drawing packaging designs for retail products, they are all different roles in the field of product design. However, acquiring the requisite skills for product design and knowing how to apply them is the core requirement to gain a foothold in this industry.

So today, in this article below, we, at Raffles Design International Mumbai, one of the best product design institutes in India, will shed light on the various skills and qualities that constitute the key requirements for growing into a successful product designer.

Skills & Qualities You Need to Master as a Product Designer

As a product designer, you have to come up with new ideas and work with teams to create functional and visually-appealing products as well as services and enhance the overall user experience. This is where you need a strong amalgamation of hard and soft product design skills so as to create products that cater to the needs of both individuals and businesses.

  • Computer coding

Computer coding is all about developing product software and user experience designs. Coding skills help product designers in writing code for instructing devices or applications for executing specific tasks and functions. Thus, if you wish to grow into a successful product designer, you have to become proficient in coding languages such as CSS, C++, and Javascript.

  • Visual design

Product designers rely on different aspects of visual designs to create aesthetically appealing products and services. Layout, color theory, and typography are among the prime elements of visual design.

  • User Interface (UI) design

User interface (UI) design deals with all aspects of a product that customers interact with. By applying UI design skills, product designers come up with easy-to-use and visually-appealing product interfaces. Front-end development, interactions, and copywriting are some elements of UI design.

  • User Experience (UX) design

User experience (UX) design helps to deliver a positive user experience. However, we at Raffles Design International Mumbai, one of the best product design institutes in India, train our students to first understand client behavior and only then proceed by producing products that are useful for their target audience. Among UX design elements that our students work with are prototyping, information architecture, and wireframing.

  • User research

User research helps product designers to identify the needs of consumers. Thereafter, they can design products that fulfill the needs of users and serve market demands more efficiently. Under user research, product designers conduct research planning, surveys, and audits.

  • Communication skills

Communication skills allow product designers to interact with clients to understand the project requirements and with their team members for delegating tasks to complete the projects within the agreed-upon deadlines.

  • Teamworking

Product designers use teamwork skills for a range of purposes. Right from understanding project goals to gathering feedback to implementing different product design ideas, teamwork skills come into use for product designers to connect with clients, team members, and developers to produce functional products.

  • Problem-solving

Product designers apply problem-solving skills to find solutions to client needs. After getting well-versed with consumer issues, they can work on ideas for creating innovative products for improving the overall customer experience.

  • Creativity

Creativity is a crucial skill for product designers. To be successful, it is very important that they have their creative shoes on and are quick at developing newer ideas for both products and their upgrades with the information that a stakeholder or client imparts.


Product Design is a booming domain with loads of career opportunities for those having the requisite skills and qualities. While some of the skills are innate, there are some that are optimally groomed only upon taking a relevant course in product design from a reputed design school. This is exactly where we, at Raffles Design International Mumbai, come into the picture as one of the best product design institutes in India.

When you choose Raffles, a well-established name in design education, you can be assured of developing advanced product design skills, such as emotional intelligence skills and critical thinking skills. We drive our students to develop functional products and pay attention to detail for identifying areas of improvement. In the process, they get trained to design products that help to enhance a product’s functionality and visual appearance. All this eventually helps them grab the best opportunities that the product design field has to offer!