Product designing is a very creative field. It involves lots of enthusiasm and innovative ideas from the designers. If you think that you are the one with that combination of creativity and engineering, then this could be just for you. 

Many of us do think about creating something, some product, that can simplify the usual or everyday tasks, making them easier and less time-taking. And if you think you can make something exciting from an ordinary thing, then you could stand a chance of getting enrolled in a professional product designing institute in Mumbai

Product designer and their role

Who is a product designer? They are the ones who carry out the designing of innovative and creative products right from scratch. That means it is not just about transforming an ordinary product into something extraordinary, but it also encapsulates the creation of an entirely new product. That’s a product which is expected to impress the customers with its applications and appearance.

Product designers are expected to come up with products that succeed in appealing to the audience. They should prove to be the next choice of a significant portion of customers. One can learn the required skills from a reputed product designing college in Mumbai.

Product designers and their tasks

What is the exact job of a product designer? Talking about their job, product designers have two basic or main jobs to carry out. One of them is, as we talked about, bringing innovation. And the other one is using their engineering skills to give a perfect design to a product. Creativity also needs a base to act upon. And for that, you need to have engineering skills. When you succeed in combining the two to create magic, your resultant product will then go for further steps.

The next steps for the product will be the conceptualization and drawing of a blueprint of that product. Of course, a concept is needed to bring about creation. And the drawing further helps in the practical creation process. Then the product designer is supposed to apply his or her engineering and science knowledge to actually create that product.

This way, the product goes through varying stages, way beyond performing a simple task to carrying out complicated jobs. That is what results in functional as well as easy-to-use results. The product also needs to be visually appealing and presentable to the eyes of the target customers for the product. Having a creative and innovative approach in life is a sign that one may be choosing this field as a good career option. A product designing course from Mumbai can help in inculcating specialised skills.

Two ways product designers work

Talking about the ways in which product designers are supposed to work, there can be two of them:

  1. In-house companies: Here, the product designers work for the products of the company itself. She/he will work with the marketing department of that company and strive towards the creation of better products with newer designs. 
  2. Consultancy-based design: In this case, the products are completely based upon the needs and demands of clients. So the designers will work as per the approaching clients’ requirements.

Product designing and marketing research 

We now understand that a product designer has a significant role to play in marketing research as well. That will help them with some of the key points of knowledge, such as what do the customers really want, need, and aspire for. There are several other questions that will be answered easily, such as customers’ reactions to the newly created products, the viability of that product, currently-needed features in a particular product, and so on. The product also goes through computer-aided design creation and a prototype stage before finalization.

Prototypes are for the clients or company managers who can make a judgment on whether or not to move ahead with the product. There may be product testing with consumers, as well.


Product designing can be in areas such as vehicles and mobiles, medical equipment, and more. It can also be about bringing cheaper means to create the same product or adding to it more aesthetics. 

product designing course in Mumbai through a good college can be the right choice if you feel this stream is for you. Finally, as the product gets released, the marketing team further works upon advertising the same based upon the product’s advantages.