Join Fashion Designer Courses at Raffles Mumbai to Become a Impressive Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is more than just tailoring. A person who pursues a course in this area has a passion for creativity and art. They are attentive too and have a flair for style and glamor. After all, no student wants to study to just get a job. Most students have a dream of starting their own fashion houses or getting international contracts. If you blend in the above descriptions, consider enrolling with us.

Our school is recognized internationally, and this gives our students a rare opportunity to work beyond India. We have created so many successful professionals in our design courses. So we have a reason to believe that we can do the same for you. As the best institute in Mumbai , Raffles Design International is more flexible and trustworthy than most schools. We lead by example and have seen more than a decade of experience.

Get valuable training and education from us:

All students who join a college to learn how to sew with fabrics and related materials leave with a certificate. However, most of those who succeed in their career and life do because of the name behind their certificate. Raffles Design International is a reputable name that is recognized locally and intentionally. Once you get certification from us, your future will be well-planned. Our course includes more than theory work. Thus, our tutors will organize workshops, exhibitions, and other events that will expose you to big designers. Ourdiploma program is enough to take you far after school.

We can nurture a natural talent or develop a skill in you:

A few of the students who join our institution have a natural talent and ability to design. As well, there are those who discover their talent at the school. Still, there are students who lack the innate ability to become fabric designers and we simply train them. Hence, we accept those with innate ability and those who don’t

Why you should pursue this career:

The fact that colleges training tailors and designers are cropping often in India is enough proof that this is a great career. Once you leave school with a degree, diploma or certificate, there will be slots to fill in India’s fashion and design sector. If you work harder and smarter, you will join the few top professionals who are tapping into the global business opportunities. Rather than just sketching and drawing patterns and drafts, you can land a top job as a model, seamstress, manager or any other related role. Above all, you can start a wholesale or retail shop. The possibilities are endless.

We prepare you for the tough world out there:

Being featured in India’s Fashion Week event is not going to be easy. Prior to getting there, you will have multiple challenges to solve and a few gains along the way. Therefore, when you join us, we teach you various entrepreneurial skills to use after school. Having business management knowledge is so ideal in an economy like India’s that has no place for less innovative minds. By the time you leave us, we will have given you enough knowledge and practical lessons to help you do well in life.