Raffles Design International Mumbai Knows the Growing Importance in Product Design

Have you ever wondered how the products you love using were engineered and completed? Prior to the development of any item for consumption, the manufacturer creates a prototype. This would be so hard to do without the product design professionals. These are the experts who come up with a product idea, design, and prototype that is eventually turned into a complete physical object. If you want to pursue this sort of work, we are the best course providers in Mumbai.

Raffles Design International is a big school with branches in other nations. Established inIndia in 2004, our school has actively served the locals for sixteen years. We are a big name in Asia-Pacific region, and our reputation for producing excellent graduates remains unsurpassed until now. Hence, studying in our schools guarantees a top quality education that will make your CV marketable everywhere you go.

Our designing courses are the best

Besides products development courses, we offer a range of other designers’ programs. As a result, our schools churn out the best technical experts on earth. As we tend to specialize in this form of training, we have become the most sought after colleges in this nation and abroad. Furthermore, in all our programs, we teach you business management skills so you can become self-reliant after school. So far we have alumni who are running their own industries. They have created their own products and have employed many people. Additionally, we have alumni who landed premium, high paying jobs after school. If that’s not convincing enough, you need to consult us for more information.

Teaching critical thinking lessons is important to us

Creating products from scratch is going to be hard if you hate thinking critically. But if you are willing to learn, we teach critical thinking skills in our school. This is how we help our students appreciate innovativeness and creativity. These traits are needed in any manufacturing plant. As a consequence, we use a comprehensive, systematic syllabus to help our scholars become analytical and investigative problem solvers. During our project-based training, we expose learners to projects that simulate actual work they will do after school. We let our students specialize in the areas they are happy with and passionate about. That’s how we produce graduates who stay relevant anywhere they go.

Our courses and levels

If you are ready to join us, there is an Advanced Diploma course you do. The award is provided by the Raffles College of Higher Education in Singapore. You can enroll in January, April, July or October. The entire course will take you two years. Each year will entail specific lessons. In Year I, you will be taken through the basics and intermediate scopes of creating a product. Some of the lessons you will learn include model making, observational drawing, digital presentation, Computer Aided Design, visual merchandising, and lighting design and so on. In Year 2, we will introduce cultural studies, design theory, technical drawing, computer rendering and other advanced level skills.

After studying at our school, you will be ready to become a lighting designer, furniture designer, 3D rendering designer, spatial designer or join other related professions.